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When will you really be ready?

At some point, you will be selling your practice.  It is a fact.  But what will be the trigger?  Will it simply be the right time, burnout, or illness?  In my position at ROI Corporation, I have the privilege of speaking with owners across the country every day.  Most often, the conversation is about when this key event should take place.  People may have their offices in very different communities, face a variety of economic challenges and have diverse philosophies to practice.  But one thing is certain.   The following questions are the same regardless of your age, gender, or stage of career….Read full article



Why Hire a Broker:

Upon making the decision to exit ownership of any given enterprise a business owner must take stock of one’s personal and business circumstances to guarantee a fruitful transition. Our teams of sales representatives deploy a consultative approach to conceptualize a full spectrum of options that are available to an owner, upon transition out of ownership. In our 43 years of working with practice owners…Read full article


When I first started in this industry with my father back in the late 1970’s, the majority of practices we were appraising and selling were located in Toronto but the political and geographic boundaries were much different than they are today. Toronto was significantly smaller in size as the neighbouring towns and cities were independent. By example, there was no ‘905’…Read full article


Tax tips for the business owner

As an entrepreneur, operating your day-to- day business and planning for the future can consume a lot of your time. Paying less tax, although important, may not always be top of mind. There’s no time like the present to ensure you are taking full advantage of all the tax minimization strategies available to you. As you review these key tips, consider how you may be able to apply one or more to you and your business…Read full article