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72004f0a2d141c459b3f2247bbd6a96eThe Halton-Peel Organization would like to invite you to join us on the 1st Monday of each month for a 12 part Success in Dentistry Mini Series with Mr. Peter Barry C.M.C., RRDH (Practice Mastery Dental Success Coach)”. Mr. Barry is the Founder of Successful Practice Architects… a coaching company dedicated to serving the growth & development goals of yourdental practice & team. We hope you will join us each month. There are no gimmicks, there is no catch and nothing to buy! Simply watch, learn, enjoy and apply the ideas within your practice the next day.

12 Part Success in Dentistry Mini-Series with Mr. Peter Barry C.M.C., RRDH (Practice Mastery Dental Success Coach)

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Success in Dentistry Minutes With the Coach 12 Part Mini Series

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Episode 1 -Building Teamwork into your Practice

How do you build an unstoppable team. The best way to grow your dental practice is by growing the people within your practice (as a team ); then together as “ONE” functional unit you can take your practice anywhere.

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Episode 2 – Planning Mastery / Power Meetings

Discover the powerful impact well run full team meetings can have on your practice. Learn to structure them in a way that creates positive change by unleashing the collective wisdom & creative powers of your entire team.

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Episode 3 – Time Mastery / Schedule Engineering

Explore important concept of “Time Mastery” and how we use it in our practice to serve our customers and how it impacts our effectiveness, profitability and smooth flow of our work day.

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Episode 4 – Time Mastery / Productive Schedule Engineering

Engineer your schedule strategically for maximum profitability.

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Episode 5 – Pre-Blocking The Schedule for Urgent Care Flexibility

Pre-Blocking our schedule container for urgent care Flexibility! Pre-blocking will help you maintain a healthy balance between new patient growth & existing patient retention. There is no rational in over filling your schedule with patients if you don’t preserve room within it for delivering all needed treatment within a reasonable short period of time from the time of diagnosis.

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Episode 6 – The Influential Oral Health Coach

Did you know that 9 out of 10 dentist’s struggle at some level to inspire others? Do you effectively engage your patient’s hearts & imaginations? Do you connect at a level needed to arouse your customers to take action? Do you authentically come across? What is an oral health coach? Every patient needs one to help them make good health care choices and to motivate them towards actions that are in their best interest!

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Episode 7 – Trusting Relationships Lead to Inspired Patients

We are not in the “dentistry profession” serving people. We are in the “people business” providing dentistry. Your dentistry gets you into a game where relationships win. People are influenced most by people they like. The more connected they feel the easier it will be for them to buy from you.

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Mr. Peter Barry C.M.C., RRDH

Peter-Barry-logoPractice Mastery Success Coach
Email: peter@practicemastery.com
Phone: 416-568-5456
Address: Toronto, Canada

Peter Barry is a speaker, writer, Certified Management Consultant, Restorative Dental Hygienist and Member of the North American Speaking Consulting Network. He has over 20 years experience in leadership, teambuilding and project development both as a Dental Success Coach and through the Military & National Coaching Association of Canada. Peter is an experienced clinician who is extensively schooled in the art & science of value creation, sales mastery & communication excellence as well as the process of personal growth & team development. He is the founder of “Successful Practice Architects” a coaching company dedicated to serving the growth & development needs of dental professionals.