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Enhancing your Practice Value by Becoming an ODA Member

Suggesting Fees for Ontario Dentists

Meet your professional economic responsibilities with annually updated suggested fee guides for general and specialty practices.

Value to Members: Invaluable
Cost: Benefit of Membership

Practice Management Information

Enhance your practice with vital information on dental procedures, research and legislation, delivered to you quickly, when you need it.

Value to Members: $5,000
Cost: Benefit of Membership

Patient Brochures

Access a growing line of ODA-developed public education, practice and marketing materials, including new brochures focusing on seniors’ oral health; and the association between oral & overall health.

Value to Members: Invaluable
Cost: Benefit of Membership

Ontario Dentist

Discover a wealth of articles covering practice management tools, research and leading-edge products in each of the 10 annual issues of
our award-winning journal.

Value to Members: $100 per year
Cost: Benefit of Membership

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